Huge sea lion hitches ride on back of fishing boat; video

On a recent trip down to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, surf photographer Brent Bielmann got the chance to capture an amazing video, but the video had nothing to do with surfing: It was a short clip showing a massive sea lion who had hitched a ride on the back of a fishing boat.

According to Bielmann, he filmed the video a few weeks ago when he was taking a boat from Lovers Beach back into town.

“I was on a trip with Body Glove down in Cabo, and on our way from Lovers, we passed by this,” Bielmann told GrindTV about the experience. “Classic!”

And according to comments left on GrindTV and Bielmann’s Instagram pages, the sea lion in the video appears to be “Pancho,” a local celebrity of sorts in Cabo who has been known to beg boaters for fish.

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