Huge shark is accidentally captured in video by woman filming seal in breakwater

Upon hearing a barking seal, Carla Charlton walked down a boat ramp with her daughter and began filming the pinniped as it swam in the breakwater in front of the Warrambool Pier in Victoria, Australia.

Suddenly, a huge shark entered the picture.

"I kept the video going to capture the seal and then these two fins popped up out of the water," Charlton told the Wellington Times about the Monday sighting. "Initially I thought it was two separate fish, then I thought, 'No, that's a shark, that's two fins off the same fish.'

"I just kept taking the video because I thought, 'There's a shark here' and I couldn't believe it."

Kids jumping into the water from the pier a short distance away were promptly warned of the presence of the shark, which Charlton told a radio station was about 11 feet between the dorsal fin and the tail.

"I thought that was amazing," Charlton told 3YB/Coast FM. "It must have been a very huge shark."

Fisherman Daniel Hainey saw the shark Monday around 3:30 p.m. and it briefly tangled in his line.

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"Basically there was a boat [that] came in here and had a seal follow it," Hainey told the Wellington Times. "The boat has pulled out of the water, the seal has gone away, so we thought, then we heard some kids on the pier screaming out to each other from one side to the other.

"I thought they were talking about the seal again and not long after saw the shark come up right along the side of the pier here."

The Herald Sun reported that shark sightings off the Victorian coast have increased in recent months, saying that The Dorsal shark reporting app recorded 46 sightings in Victoria since November compared to 13 from the previous summer.