Humpback whales hunt in unison in amazing feeding frenzy footage

Humpback whales work in unison to feed on schools of herring in Northern Norway.

Humpback whales work in unison to feed on schools of herring in Northern Norway. Photo: Barcroft TV

Wildlife filmmaker Patrick Dykstra has never seen so many humpback whales in one place, and to see them hunting in unison was stunning, not to mention a rare treat.

Dykstra, 36, was filming in northern Norway when he encountered around 100 humpback whales in the same area working together in a wild feeding frenzy.

"This social feeding happens in Alaska each summer in the form of something called bubble net feeding, but lunge feeding whales working together is much more rare," Dykstra told The Express in the U.K.

"The humpbacks take in herring and water and then they use their tongue to force the water out through the baleen plates in their mouths — like a giant strainer.

"It’s rare to see so many humpbacks all in the same location and it is even more rare to see them working together in a coordinated hunt — lunging out of the water to gulp them down."

The spectacular aerial footage of the rare event was captured by drone and brought to you by Barcroft TV:

Dykstra, a native of Denver, Colorado, leads small groups of tourists to remote locations to photograph and occasionally swim with whales. Over 15 years, he's been on five continents but has never seen the numbers of humpback whales in one place as he did in Norway last month.

"We were thrilled and amazed at the same time," Dykstra told The Express. "The whales came very close to us on many occasions and we enjoyed hours of filming and photographing their lunge feeding.

"We did most of the filming using the drone because the aerial perspective makes it easy to see the large shoals of herring as they part to try to escape the lunging whales."

It's captivating, no doubt.

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