Hundreds of elk cross snowy highway in amazing mass migration

Screen grab shows the incredible number of elk in this elk migration (circled) near Fort Garland, Colorado.

Screen grab shows the incredible number of elk in this migration (circled) near Fort Garland, Colorado.

“A river of elk” is how a TV station described a “Colorado traffic jam” that involved a highway crossing of hundreds of migrating elk.

The amazing sight occurred on Highway 159 near Fort Garland, where a family driving on the snow-covered highway was blocked by the mass migration.

Stephanie shot incredible footage of the animals crossing the road and shared it with KOAA 5, which posted the video on Facebook, where it went viral. Though it took place just before Thanksgiving, the sheer number of elk is worth the late post:

Elk migrations occur annually when snow reduces the amount of available forage. The animals migrate from upper elevations to lower elevations, and often band together in one general winter-range area, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Such seems to be the case here, although one smart aleck on the KOAA 5 Facebook page had a different theory: “All headed to the Elk’s Club I suppose.”

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