Impala finds itself up to its neck in hot water with few options; video

An impala on the Maasai Mara game reserve in Kenya found itself up to its neck in hot water when surrounded by an angry hippo and a pack of wild dogs determined to make it a meal.

The impala was trapped in a pond weighing its options, which were few, as tourists on safari watched from a vehicle.

"This impala doesn't have a prayer," a woman in the video can be heard saying.

The video from Maasai Mara Sightings shows the impala's predicament (warning for language):

As it turned out, the impala outlasted the wild dogs and didn't have to worry about the hippo, since its diet consists mainly of grass, plants and fallen fruit.

"Well, believe it or not, the standoff lasted until after dark," Maasai Mara Sightings wrote on YouTube. "The dogs gave up and the impala emerged from the water unscathed, joining his herd for the night."

It might have looked as if the hippo tried to take a bite out of the impala, but it appears to have only tried pushing it out of the pond. Earlier, the hippo chased a bird away too. Fortunately, this one ended well for the impala.

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