Kiteboarder hits humpback whale in ‘completely accidental scene’; video

Kiteboarder Andrei Grigoriev discovered a speed bump in the San Francisco Bay, and it came in the form of a humpback whale that suddenly surfaced in front of him, but barely slowed him down.

Grigoriev was kiteboarding off Crissy Field Beach in San Francisco when the "accidental" encounter occurred on June 18. Caters News released the video Wednesday:

The 36-year-old Bay Area resident had never seen a whale before his close encounter, in which he hit the back of the humpback whale but managed to keep his balance and continue kiteboarding.

"I was going straight out from the beach when something touched my board from below," he told Caters News. "For another 15 seconds I had a feeling there was something around me, until the whale jumped out of the water right in front of me.

"The scene was completely accidental."

Grigoriev told Caters that he felt that if the whale had been intimidated by his presence, it would have hit him with its tail.

"I thought this was unbelievable and crazy to get into," he said. "I do have a tendency to get into these type of situations."

But with the number of whales spotted in San Francisco Bay lately, it seemed almost inevitable.

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