Shark ends up in Alabama family’s yard after flooding


Shark in Alabama family’s yard. Photo: Whitney Constantine

In the aftermath of severe coastal flooding, all sorts of items can end up in a family’s yard.

But a large shark?

That's what the Constantines discovered Tuesday after remnants of Hurricane Patricia passed through Mobile, Alabama.

Whitney Constantine told WALA that floodwaters were knee-deep in her driveway on Monday. When the water receded the next day, a shark had been deposited in her backyard. The Constantines were told it was a bull shark.


Shark carcass image: Via WALA

The shark looked to have been dead for quite a while, and it was attracting flies, so the couple planned to bury the carcass.

It’s not the first time sharks have appeared on land under curious circumstances.

In early July, a Virginia woman found a baby shark in her yard, and it was presumed that a fish-eating osprey had dropped its quarry.

In 2012, a leopard shark was found flopping on a golf course in Orange County, California, 2 miles from the beach. That shark also was believed to have been dropped by an osprey.

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