Leopard calls for cubs in rare video from Africa


Leopard in Thornybush Game Reserve in South Africa calls out for its cubs. Screen grab from video

Leopards are primarily nocturnal and are known as stealthy animals that can go undetected in the wild, aided by a camouflaged coat of fur that blends into the habitat. So when Kruger Sightings posts amazing video showing a leopard on a tree branch calling out for her cubs in the Thornybush Game Reserve in South Africa, one tends to take notice. The leopard's calling begins around the 28-second mark of the video, which was taken at dusk as safari tourists snapped photos :

"A leopard in a tree is a spectacular sighting and usually they are extremely quiet animals," Latest Sightings Kruger stated on its Facebook page. "So to have a leopard in a tree and calling for her cubs, you know you are witnessing something very special."

The safari tourists reported that the cubs did not immediately return to the mother, but fortunately they were seen together the following morning.

Leopard cubs typically remain with their mother for 13 to 18 months before eventually wandering off on their own to find their own territory.

Leopards are solitary and elusive animals that avoid one another. The home range of a male leopard typically overlaps the range of several females, but they avoid other males. They are said to be most active between sunset and sunrise.

Though the most widespread geographically of the big cats, leopards are the hardest to find and film, according to a BBC report.

Which is why Adrian Wales of Latest Sightings told GrindTV Outdoor that this particular video is "quite rare."

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