Lion blindsided by crocodile in river escapes

Lion blindsided by crocodile

Lion growls at crocodile before taking a chance and crossing the Sabie River. Photo is a screen grab from the video

Lions might be the kings of the jungle, but crocodiles rule the river. At least most of the time. That wasn't the case in a video shared by Kruger Sightings the other day. It shows a young lion crossing a river and getting blindsided by a crocodile.

A woman in the background can be heard saying, "Oh my God; oh my God," just before the inevitable. But it has a happy ending:

A happy ending for the lion, that is. The crocodile's next meal would have to wait.

The footage was captured by a tourist while standing on the H10 bridge near the Lower Sabie River in the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

"All we can say is, lions should always look both [ways] before crossing the river," Kruger Sightings said on Facebook.

In reality, the lion knew the crocodile was there. At the very start of the video, you can see it growling at the crocodile, which then submerged itself underwater. There was an edit in the video, so it's hard to say how long it took before the lion decided to take a chance and cross the river.

So, yes, the lion was blindsided, but the attack shouldn't have been too much of a surprise, which might be the reason it managed to escape.

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