Lions sneak up on leopard and seemingly scare it out of its skin; video

A female leopard was dispatching an impala in a watering hole at Kruger National Park in South Africa when it got the surprise of its life.

Wild Wings Safaris was on hand with a group of tourists to watch nature unfold in a very unkind way along route H1-1 near Skukuza in the world-famous game reserve.

A video by Wild Wings Safaris and posted on Kruger Sightings YouTube channel shows a series of photos of the leopard taking down an unsuspecting impala that had come down to the watering hole for a drink.

This is followed by video of two lionesses sneaking up on the leopard with its kill. When the leopard catches a glimpse of the lions, it can't get away from the watering hole fast enough.

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The leopard was figuratively scared out of its skin. Once the leopard was out of the picture, the lions eventually figured out a way to grab the impala and drag it out of the water to enjoy a free meal.

What astounded some readers was the size of the leopard compared to the lions.

"This incredible clip just brings out that difference so succinctly, and no wonder that the leopard scampers off the way it does," one commenter wrote on Wild Wings Safaris Facebook page.

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