Majestic eagle soars over famous Alps glacier–with a miniature camera on its back

If you’ve ever marveled at the flight of an eagle and wondered about the perspective the majestic raptor enjoys, watch the video and wonder no more. The incredible footage was captured, via eagle-cam, over the famous Mer de Glace (Sea of Ice) glacier in the French Alps near Chamonix. (YouTube version provided below.)

Watch closely as the bald eagle soars above the hillside fringes of the glacial valley, and as it pumps its wings (at the 25-second mark), to gain more height and/or speed, and as it glides past people on the verdant slope.

Details about the footage are sparse. The clip was uploaded uploaded Monday by a user named Srachi and titled, “Flying eagle point of view,” with reference to the Mer de Glace area.

A quick YouTube search with the keywords “eagle” and “Mer de Glace” revealed no other versions of this clip.

We messaged Srachi for more details but have not yet heard from the user.

The footage, however, appears to be genuine and presumably the camera was placed on a trained eagle. At the 22-second mark a man in a white shirt can be seen looking up at the approaching eagle from off-trail, perhaps aware of this unusual (and legal?) project.

Regardless, this perspective of the Mer de Glace is marvelous enough to make a person want to fly.

-Hat tip to The Local