Meerkat photobombs a group of surf fishermen in Namibia

Five anglers who are obviously proud of their surf-fishing catches of big silver kob on the beaches of Namibia in southern Africa seem totally unaware of the creature who is posing along with them as if it were part of the gang. Check out the photobombing meerkat at the bottom left.

As it turns out, the tiny creature belongs to a fishing guide and it regularly tags along on surf-fishing trips to the Skeleton Coast of Namibia, according to photographer Dave Lewis of South Wales via Sport Fishing editor Mike Mazur.

“Each day he would ride up in the front of the truck with us, and when we stopped to fish, he would spend the day digging holes in the sand and generally foraging around,” Lewis said. “Whenever a bird flew over, he would run to the nearest angler and sit as tight as he could to their legs for protection.”

It had no problem posing with fish, though.

Photo courtesy of Dave Lewis.