Millions of mullets explode like fireworks as they flee predators in epic video

The mullet migration along the Florida coast is a spectacular display of nature just in terms of the sheer volume of baitfish that crowd the shoreline, but add a few game fish to the mix and the scene explodes like fireworks.

Joshua Jorgensen of BlacktipH Fishing captured amazing aerial footage of tarpon, blacktip sharks and jack crevalle tearing through the huge baitball of mullets recently in an all-you-can-eat buffet along the Atlantic coast.

"This is one of the largest fish migrations on the East Coast," Joshua Jorgensen of BlacktipH Fishing told GrindTV. "The migration occurs every year during the fall. Usually cold fronts and tropical storms initiate the migration."

But curiously, this year the region hasn't had any cold fronts yet, so the same schools have been going north and south instead of the steady southward movement, Jorgensen said.

"Because of this behavior, we were able to get most of these drone shots," he said, adding that usually the wind is too strong to fly the drone during cold fronts.

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"The challenge of capturing this video was to move the drone at the same speed as the predators, which was surprisingly difficult."

But the end result proved priceless.

No doubt it's video like this that helps spread the word about this phenomenon.

In fact, Jorgensen has already noticed an increase in the number of beach-goers seeking to catch a view of the mullets.

"It seems like more people this year are aware of the mullet migration," Jorgensen said. "I have noticed more people on the beaches watching the feeding frenzy than I remember from previous years."

It's definitely worth watching.

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