Moose calf chases golfer as friend watches and laughs; video

A golfer in Sweden encountered a moose calf that appeared intent on, well, we're not really sure what its intentions were, but it refused to let Christer Sjögren go about his game peacefully.

Sjögren, 54, was playing a round of golf with friends at Karlstad Golf Club when the moose calf charged him, forcing him to dance around and hide behind the trees to avoid the animal's charges, as reported by The Local.

Across the fairway, fellow golfer Tony Swahn captured video of the humorous incident while having a good laugh at his friend's expense:

"He was most worried that the moose would go after his golf clubs, but it didn't," Swahn told Aftonbladet. No, the moose wanted the golfer.

Sjögren told Aftonbladet that whatever he did, "it followed me the whole time. So I thought I'd try running and see what would happen. When I started running, I felt that it was not a good decision."

Sjögren told The Local he was a bit frightened and felt stupid for running, thinking it was the wrong thing to do.

Interestingly, moose attack more people than bears and wolves combined, and moose injure more people in America than any other wild animal, second worldwide behind hippopotamuses.

A Swedish golfer tried hiding behind trees to avoid an annoying moose calf.

Also, unlike a bear, moose don't usually pursue humans if they run, so maybe that wasn't a bad idea after all.

Turns out, Sjögren joined his friends in safety as the moose eventually gave up the chase and wandered off.

It wasn't the first time this has happened at the golf course. The moose calf has been around for about a week and it's chased players on two other occasions. So besides hazards of water and sand at Karlstad Golf Club, golfers need to steer clear of a moose calf.

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