Mother elephant vigorously defends baby against pack of wild dogs; video

A mother elephant became very protective of her baby when confronted with a pack of wild dogs.

A mother elephant became very protective of her baby when confronted by a pack of wild dogs.

The protective nature of a mother shielding her child against danger was on full display for tourists at Kruger National Park in South Africa recently when a mother elephant confronted a pack of wild dogs intent on eating her baby for dinner.

Marc de Chalain, 55, was among the tourists that witnessed the scene and captured the encounter on video, as reported by the Mirror and Daily Mail.

“While we’ve spent much time in the bush and have seen a number of animal interactions, this was the first time we’d seen this level of interaction,” said Chalain, whose video was posted by Caters News:

“We were out in the lovely late light of a tranquil African wilderness and as the dogs passed the elephant she came out at them trumpeting wildly with her ears raised and tail out straight behind her,” Chalain said.

“Her cries varied from a low rumble to a high shrill trumpet, which her calf copied completely.”

Eventually the wild dogs gave up their pursuit of an elephant dinner and wandered off, as did the mother elephant and her baby, once the coast was clear.

h/t The Washington Post

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