Motorcyclist takes evasive action to avoid ‘flying’ snake; video

Of the more than 200 snake species in Thailand—35 of them deadly—a motorcyclist happened to encounter one that apparently takes joy from scaring the wits out of motorcyclists on the highway.

A motorist in Lampang had his dash camera rolling Sunday when the unidentified snake species leaped into the air toward the passing motorcyclist with the apparent intent of biting him:

"A wild snake almost bit a motorcyclist," the filmmaker wrote on ViralHog.

Channel Nine’s news magazine of Australia offered a more colorful description: "A bloody snake lunges at him like he is a waiter trying to take away his plate with a half-eaten schnitzel and several crunchy chips early."

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Luckily, the motorcyclist lifted his feet into the air and swerved to avoid the flying snake, then drove off as if nothing happened.

Whether the snake slithered off as if nothing happened remains to be seen. It certainly appeared that the left tires of the following vehicle were on a course to run the snake over.

h/t UPI