Neither truck nor bear slow down before colliding on highway; video

A bear running across Highway 60 in Howell County, Missouri, was undeterred after crossing a grassy medium and continuing on into traffic lanes with a pickup truck barreling toward it from the slow lane.

The driver of the pickup truck also seemed undeterred as he or she didn't appear to slow down, apparently thinking he or she could drive past the charging bear.

The result was a high-speed collision that stopped the bear in its tracks, but only momentarily. The bear collided with the rear quarter panel of the truck, fell to the pavement, and then bounced back up and continued running.

The video was captured by a Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper's dash camera at Highway AM near Willow Springs, according to KSPR.

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The MSHP posted the video on its Facebook page with a message for motorists:

"As bear populations increase in Missouri, so will incidents involving bears and humans. Although the bear in this video was not seriously injured, it creates the potential for a dangerous encounter with an injured bear. If you strike a bear on the highway, contact the Highway Patrol and remain inside your vehicle until the trooper arrives."

The post created quite a bit of attention on Facebook with some wondering whether the driver saw the bear. One thought the driver might be texting and driving.

"I can guarantee I was NOT texting and driving," Codey Collins, the alleged driver, wrote. "I did not see him until it was too late, and with a state trooper right behind me I couldn't have went much of anywhere [sic]."

Fortunately the bear was not seriously injured, though we're uncertain about the truck.

h/t UPI

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