Newest character in Pixar film? No, just a goofy-looking insect

 hole in leaf

Introducing the main character in the next Pixar animation film…

No, wait, isn’t that the bug version of Marge Simpson, as several commenters on Reddit suggested?

Actually, it is simply a funny-looking damselfly peeping through a hole in the leaf and looking quite cartoonish in the photo taken by amateur photographer and insect-lover Remus Tiplea of Romania.

Marge AAA

The real Marge Simpson

The above photo entitled “At the Window” was posted on Reddit on Thursday and it's been a popular item with several commenters making up captions for the photo:

"Would you like flies with that?"

"Hi-de-ho, good neighbor."

"Can I pretty please come in?"

"Hello there, Marge Simpson-Mantis!"

Tiplea has taken several close-up photos of insects lately and has been posting them on his Facebook page for all the world to view. As you can see, bugs can be quite comical looking.

Here are a few of Tiplea's latest photos, with some looking like characters from “A Bug’s Life”:

two insects

blue eyes on orange

on yellow flower

blue eyes

face to face

lady bugs

lady bug spreading wings


Hat tip to Huff Post Green