Orphaned baby elephant gets warm welcome from herd in tender video

Dok Geaw, a baby elephant that had become orphaned, was rescued and taken to the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand where it received a heart-warming welcome from the existing herd.

"When Dok Geaw arrived, he tried to communicate with many [in the] herd, and some of them came and talked to him," Sangduen "Lek" Chailert, founder of the Save Elephant Foundation, told Elephant News, as reported by the Evening Standard. "When Dok Geaw call, the herd run [to] see him."

Apparently, the herd couldn't wait to meet Dok Geaw, racing across the paddock in a touching moment:

"It was absolutely beautiful to watch theses magnificent beasts come flying across to see this new creature they've got here," Debbie Charlesworth, a volunteer from Australia, told Elephant News.

And it was equally beautiful to see the herd accept Dok Geaw, especially what it's gone through.

"I know his mother passed away and that was very difficult for him I'm sure," Alex Telluride, a volunteer from the U.S., told Elephant News. "Losing your mother, I can image, that's pretty painful. Now he can live out his life in freedom, that is better, but if I lost by mom it would be hard for me. So I feel for this elephant."

Chailert explained that Dok Geaw's mother died "because when she gave birth, she never had time for rest. They still forced her to work."

The owner, who used the elephant for logging, eventually took both the mother and baby to the Elephant Conservation Center in Lampang for medical help, but it was too late. The mother died, suffering from post-birth complications, including a prolapsed uterus, according to Yahoo 7 News.

The baby elephant was eventually transported to the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where it will live the rest of its life in peace and without being forced to work.

By the looks of video posted by the Elephant Nature Park on Tuesday, Dok Geaw is getting along fine: