Owner acts to save dog from python’s death grip

Owner acts to save dog from python

Python has dog in a death grip, but owner arrives in the nick of time. Photo courtesy of Caters News Agency

At first glance, things don't look good for this dog trapped in the death grip of a deadly python, but rest assured the dog escapes and is no worse for wear at the end of the video, evidenced by its healthy bark.

Still, it was a frightening moment for the dog and the dog's owner in the forests of Karnataka in southwest India.

When the owner came across the dog, it was completely immobilized by the python. Watch how the owner manages to free the dog in video provided by Caters News Agency:

The dog was minutes away from death when the owner started hitting the python with a leafy branch. The annoyance was enough for the python to slowly loosen its grip and slither off, leaving a barking (and very lucky) dog behind. Caters reported that the dog did not suffer any injuries.

The python is nonvenomous and relies on its constriction power to subdue and suffocate its victims before devouring them.

In this case, thankfully, help arrived just in the nick of time.

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