Persistent otter chases man down street in amusing video

Rory MacPherson was driving in Scotland on Monday when he nearly ran over an otter crossing the road in front of him. When he got out to capture video of the wild animal, the otter seemed determined to run him over.

The 24-year-old from Lockerbie, Dumfries, encountered the otter on a road near Langholm, he told Deadline News Agency of Scotland.

"Obviously it's rare to see an otter so I stopped and got out to try and get a photo," he told Deadline News. "I wondered how close I could get to him before he got scared, but it was the other way around." And his video proves it:

"I was kind of thinking, 'How can I get out of here?'" MacPherson told Deadline News. "I ended up making a dart for it and headed back to the car."

Along the way the otter bit at his boots and squealed. As he began running, MacPherson says in the video, "I'm getting chased by an otter."

He finally found refuge in his car.

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One commenter on his Facebook post wrote that the otter was "definitely protecting its pups as it looked as if it was looking for them at the start of the film."

"I personally think it might have just been a young pup because it was unusual behavior for an otter," MacPherson told Deadline News.

"It wouldn't leave my feet along," he told BBC Scotland. "I don't know what made it go a little bit crazy."

Whatever the case, MacPherson apparently has changed his opinion about otters.

"Seen a wild otter today," he wrote on Facebook. "I am not sure I like otters anymore."