Prehistoric-looking critter found 4 miles offshore is saved by kayaker; video

A kayaker was on his way back from an offshore trip in the Florida Keys when he spotted in the distance a weird-shaped object floating in the water.

"All I could see were the multiple fins running down its back so I thought it was some sort of palm frond, but it just didn’t look right," Steve wrote on his Key West Kayak Fishing YouTube channel. "I ended up stopping and noticed that it started swimming."

It was an iguana, a lizard some describe as a prehistoric-looking mini-dinosaur, and it was lost at sea.

Steve captured video footage of the usual encounter—and rescue—which he called "odd but satisfying."

"What are you doing out here?" Steve asks in the video. "You lost or what? You want a ride? I'll give you a ride back if you want."

The iguana definitely wanted a ride. With Steve's help, the iguana took up a position sitting atop a cooler in the back as the kayak motored toward land.

Once it saw the mangroves close by, it jumped off and swam to safety.

"It was pretty crazy seeing this guy so far out," Steve wrote. "I have seen plenty swimming around the islands, but never one that far out.

An iguana lost at sea hitched a ride back to shore on a kayak.

"Most likely, because of the King tides that are occurring it got caught in one of the swift outgoing tides and got pushed out to sea.

"I was just inside the reef so it was close to four miles from land. Most likely it would have died out there as the current that far out would most likely push it east with very little chance of coming back inshore.

"But you never know and it could be it’s normal daily swim back and forth between Cuba and the U.S."

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