Ranchers lasso, wrestle and get bitten by 10-foot alligator; video

An alligator had broken into a pen and was threatening newborn cattle on Hal Conover's property in Hawkins, Texas, so the rancher summoned help from game wardens and nearby friends.

"He was a dangerous one," Conover told FOX 4. "But he was leaving the place—dead or alive."

Before wildlife experts arrived, Conover and his friends took the matter of securing the 10-foot alligator into their own hands:

Conover managed to lasso the alligator, and then Byron South of Convergent Hunting Solutions and his son Tanner wrestled the thrashing gator while attempting to get its mouth shut so tape could be wrapped around it, as reported by UPI.

In the process, one of the wranglers was bitten in the hand. Conover said it was only a flesh wound.

"[The wrangler] was lucky," Conover told FOX 4. "But what great memories."

The East Texas Zoo and Gator Park is located in Grand Saline, which is 30 miles away from Hawkins. But it was unknown where the alligator came from. However, the gator park was where the gator was headed once wildlife officials finally arrived.

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