Rare parade of orcas give Galiano Island residents an incredible show

An incredible parade of killer whales gave residents of Galiano Island in British Columbia a sight they've never seen before, one that unfolded right in front of them as they stood in the backyard of a neighbor.

Orca after orca passed by just under their noses in a rare display as a super pod made its way through Active Pass, a narrow stretch of water separating Galliano and Mayne Islands.

"We tried to calculate it and we thought we were correct in assuming there might have been over 30 whales," resident Janusz Kowalski told Global News, which suggested it was closer to 60 killer whales, as someone had reported on orcanetwork.org that a pod that big had come into the area over the weekend.

Watch the amazing video of the killer whales swim by only feet from shore, and take note of the whale-watching boats following the super pod:

"Look at them all," a woman says. "Awesome. Awesome. They're so close to us.

"Oh my God, this is a huge pod. You guys couldn't have picked a better one to come and watch. Holy mackerel."

"And there's more coming," a man adds.

Kowalski shot the video Sunday from the woman’s backyard and, like others, was in awe of what he saw.

"We did not know how many whales [were] approaching," he told Global News. "Only when I started filming, I realized how many there were ... it was going on, and on, and on. The show was spectacular ... beyond belief."