Rescued great white shark thrills onlookers at beachfront pool; video, photos

*Update: The shark on Tuesday was released into the ocean, and thought to be in reasonably good health.

A crowd of about 200 gathered around a popular beachfront pool Monday in Sydney, Australia, to see firsthand that a great white shark was, in fact, patrolling its confines.

The peculiar scene was the happier of two events that played out before concerned onlookers at Manly Beach. The first was when the juvenile shark, originally believed to have been a mako shark, became stranded in the shallows and appeared to be injured.

"The immediate course of action was to see if it was strong enough to swim away," Rob Townsend, life sciences manager at Manly Sea Life Sanctuary, told the Daily Telegraph. "A couple of attempts were made to put it back in the ocean but it kept washing up on the beach."

The shark was delivered via stretcher to nearby Fairy Bower Pool, where it swam from side to side while onlookers took photos.

"Just when you thought you were safe heading down to the pool for a few laps," Mark Mathews wrote on Instagram.

According to the Sydney Morning News, the shark appeared to have sustained a mouth injury.

The pool, a saltwater enclosure popular among swimmers, was used as a way station while experts performed a close inspection.

"Given the proximity of the pool, we thought it was a good place to leave it in the interim while we work out what to do," Townsend explained.

On Monday afternoon, the shark was transported to the Manly Sea Life Sanctuary. The facility, at the time of this post, had not responded to a GrindTV email inquiring about the shark's condition and possible plans for its release.

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