Riverboarder rescues squirrel from raging river


Riverboarder rescues squirrel stranded on a rock in the middle of a river. Photo is from Caters News Agency

A riverboarder was enjoying a day on the water when he noticed a squirrel stranded on a rock in the middle of the river.

Thomas Paterson of Oakville, Ontario, Canada, is an animal lover who has had several encounters with small creatures, so he decided he'd do something to help out the little critter. The riverboarder captured the rescue on his GoPro camera and the video was posted by Caters News Agency:

Paterson swam out to the squirrel and nudged the riverboard to the rock, attempting to coax the animal to climb aboard. Instead, the squirrel tried to jump onto another rock but found itself swimming.

stranded squirrel

Riverboarder tries coaxing trapped squirrel onto his riverboard. Photo from Caters News Agency

From there, it was easy enough for Paterson to pluck the creature from the water and place it onto his riverboard.

"I wanted him to make a break for it so I could just grab him from the water," the riverboarder told Caters News Agency. "Eventually he tried jumping up stream but got worked into a little hole. Thankfully I managed to pick him out of the water and place him on my board before I swam him to shore.

"Once he was on my board he realized what I was doing and just chilled and enjoyed the free ride."

The squirrel was no doubt grateful for the ride, and probably learned a valuable lesson: Stay away from the river.

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