Lifeless sea turtle trapped in ‘boiling water’ gets a lifesaver; video

The sea turtle appeared lifeless floating in the shallow waters off a beach in Qatar. Its eyes were closed, its flippers motionless.

It was low tide on Al Wakra beach in Doha on Tuesday when kitesurfer Blake Olsen and his girlfriend came upon the helpless sea turtle.

It being the hottest month of the year in Qatar, the shallow water can heat up, and with the dramatic tides, it is more than a half-mile walk to get to deeper water where it is cooler.

Kitesurfer Blake Olsen initially thought the sea turtle was dead.

"This lone turtle was stuck in the shallow boiling hot water," kitesurfer Blake Olsen told Newsflare. "I picked it up and thought for sure it was dead. As I set it back in the water I gave him a little push and he moved his flippers. He was alive!"

So Olsen gave the sea turtle a helping hand in relocating:

"So we brought him out to deeper, cooler water with us and it came to life," Olsen said.

Clearly the sea turtle was appreciative, and the moment provided its lifesaver with a precious memory.

"Swimming with me and being very playful, the turtle kept coming up and looking me in the eyes," Olsen said. "It was an incredible experience and felt so good to save such a helpless innocent creature."

Olsen, a sponsored kitesurfer, makes videos for a living and any opportunity he gets to spread the word about caring for animals and the environment, he takes.

"Our planet is so beautiful, I just hope that one day we can get rid of plastic and in the meantime people start being more conscious of their impact on the environment," he said. "We only have one planet and we need to think more of the beautiful creatures that surround us."

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