Seal finds refuge in the most unusual of places; video

Seals are known for hitching rides on boats, kayaks and surfboards. Some are begging for food, some are trying to escape a predator, and some are just looking for a peaceful place to sleep.

When seals sleep in the water, they keep half their brain awake so they can detect predators, but when sleeping on land, they go into full sleep mode.

Such appeared to be the case with a seal spotted hitching a ride on the front of a cargo ship arriving Monday morning in Melbourne, Australia.

"It was taking the lazy option as the vessel powered up the Yarra [River] just before the West Gate Bridge," a 7 News Melbourne anchor reported.

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The seal was lying safely on the bulbous bow, which modifies the way water flows around the hull. It reduces drag and increases speed, range, fuel efficiency and stability, and gives a weary seal a place to sleep.

The humorous video prompted some to joke about immigration, one commenter on the 7 News Facebook page writing, "Controversial One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson has requested the seal be deported if not present with the correct paperwork."

Wrote another, "Where is border security when you need them?"

h/t Newshub