Seven orcas put on impressive show just feet from shore; video

A professional nature photographer was out with a local family on the Shetland Islands of Scotland on Monday afternoon when a pod of orcas appeared just feet from the shoreline.

The orcas were so close that Richard Shucksmith was wishing he had not left his wide-angle lens in the car.

Carrying only big lenses at the time, Shucksmith told the BBC the only way he could film the orcas was with his mobile phone, which adequately captured the impressive show put on by the pod literally at this feet.

It was only by chance Shucksmith and the Breeze family managed to see the orcas in the first place. The kids ran down to the shoreline, otherwise "we may have all missed it," Shucksmith wrote on Facebook.

Shucksmith estimated there were seven orcas in the pod and that they had entered a small gully three miles north of Lerwick.

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“It’s the best orca sighting I’ve ever experienced,” Shucksmith told the BBC. “A big bull killer whale a meter away.

“I can only imagine they were hunting seals or fish, trying to flush something out. They came right in to the shoreline. They stopped in the gully for half an hour.”

Shucksmith called it a "crazy day chasing killer whales," and said it was "an amazing experience."