Shark swims underneath surfers who don’t know it’s there; video

A drone operator testing his new machine was viewing some surfers in his monitor Monday afternoon when he suddenly realized a shark had entered the picture and was swimming underneath the surfers.

David Finlay felt the urgent need to warn the surfers who were unaware of the shark's presence.

The incident occurred at Surf Beach in Kiama, Australia, where the beach had been closed earlier because of a shark sighting but reopened when none was found, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

But Finlay found the shark:

"Holy—there's a shark out there," Finlay can be heard saying to a bystander in the video. "There's a shark right under the surfers! You got a mobile phone?"

Finlay started running toward the beach 330 yards away.

"I could see [the shark] with my own eyes, circling the area," Finlay told the Morning Herald. "That was the first thing I thought about was, 'How can I let these guys know?'

"I ran down the beach and tried to find a lifeguard, but of course it was after lifeguard hours.

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“I let some of the surfers know who were coming out of the water. But I was reassured by the time I got down there. I’d monitored the shark the whole time I’d been running, and it continued to move away from the surfers."

Several people later told Finlay the shark was likely a grey nurse shark that was unlikely to have attacked, but that was unconfirmed.

The incident proved to Finlay the value of drone technology to monitor for sharks along the beaches, which is a hot topic in Australia in light of several shark attacks. But drones with a speaker system are critical if an immediate warning needs to be relayed. Obviously Finlay's drone doesn't feature one.