Six humpback whales stun boaters in close call

humpback whales

Six humpback whales stun boaters by surfacing near their boat. Photo is a screen grab from the video

Two Norwegian boaters were enjoying a day of whale watching in a fjord near Whale Island in Norway when suddenly the waters exploded with humpback whales emerging all around them, narrowly and amazingly avoiding their boat.

At first, Svein Aasjord and Trond Ivarsø were watching the humpback whales at a distance as they swam toward them. Then, when they saw a school of herring scrambling at the surface, they sensed something was about to happen.

"They're coming close," one of the men says in their video. "They're coming close."

And, boy, did they come close:

Right next to their boat, six humpback whales surfaced with mouths open as they fed on the herring, though you only actually see four of the whales.

"Oh bloody hell!" Ivarsø exclaimed.

TV2 Sumo reported that the Norwegians sat there with their hearts in their throats, and it described the close encounter as a "whale safari of a lifetime."

Then, as quickly and as suddenly as the humpback whales emerged, they slid back underwater and were gone, and the waters were calm again.

The same could not be said of the pulses of the stunned boaters.

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