Snuffy the Seal pays dearly in ‘Shark Week’ promo

The Discovery Channel has begun to promote “Shark Week,” and it has done so spectacularly—at the expense of poor Snuffy the Seal. The accompanying video marks the beginning of Discovery’s ad campaign for the popular series, which airs Aug. 4 to Aug. 9. Watch and decide for yourself whether the footage is horrifying, hilarious, or mildly amusing.

The story, of course, is fictitious. There is no Snuffy and the news station covering the rehabilitated seal’s release does not exist. But the drama works perfectly for the theme: “Shark Week. It’s a Bad Week to Be a Seal.”

Writes Business Insider: “The ad is shocking, awesome, and effectively getting fans pumped up for Aug. 4.”

The Drum points out that “Snuffy the Seal” was trending on Twitter after the release of the ad. One of the tweets, via Conner Morris (@ConnerSaurusRex): “I’ve been an emotional basket case ever since I saw that shark kill Snuffy the Seal.”

Another described the footage as “advertising genius at its finest,” and we’re sure many will agree.

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