Surveillance camera shows lightning speed of a deer crashing through window

Displaying lightning speed, a deer crashed through a narrow window of a North Carolina computer repair shop Sunday in an obvious attempt to flee some sort of pursuer — a hunter, perhaps?

For whatever reason, the deer picked an 8-inch-wide window of the Expert PC shop on North Hughes Blvd. in Elizabeth City to make its escape, with the shop's surveillance camera barely capturing the moment of impact, as seen in the video:

WVEC reported that police noticed the broken window of the closed shop and contacted the owner, Steve Baker.

"That [deer] is the first one I have ever seen in town," Baker told WVEC. "They usually stay out, but we are right across the street from a wooded area with fields.

"At least the deer didn't rob us."

But the deer did do damage to the tune of $5,000.

The deer ruined some of the carpet and damaged some repaired merchandise in the back of the store that Baker had hoped to resell.

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After breaking in, the deer ran around the shop on its path of destruction and then kept looking out the window to see if the coast was clear. When it finally was, the deer exited the shop by the same window.

Outdoor Hub offered an explanation as to what it was the deer was fleeing, writing, "It's called 'the rut' … and deer are especially crazy during this time of year. Bucks will soon be oozing with testosterone and chasing does all day long, so don't be surprised if more deer come running into town."

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