Teen awakes to black bear biting his head and dragging him away

A 19-year-old staffer at a Christian camp in Colorado was awakened in the early morning hours Sunday to a "crunching noise" and the realization that a black bear had dragged him out of his sleeping bag along the camp's lakefront.

The incident occurred around 4 a.m. at the Glacier View Ranch located northwest of Boulder in the town of Ward. ABC Denver has the story:

Dylan and four other staffers were in sleeping bags in the main area of campus when the black bear attacked the teen, who teaches wildlife survival at the camp.

"I remember waking up and hearing a crunch sound and I'm being drug [sic] across the ground," Dylan told ABC Denver. "As soon as I felt it and I could hear the breath on the back of my neck, I knew I had to go for its eyes so that's what I did.

"He had pulled me out of my sleeping bag so I was out of my sleeping bag being dragged.

"The crunching noise, I guess, was the teeth scraping against the skull as it dug in."

The bear dragged Dylan 10 to 12 feet before he managed to break free as he fought back and other staffers tried scaring it away.

"When it was dragging me, that was the slowest part," he told ABC Denver. "It felt like it went forever."

The site of the black bear attack at the Christian camp at Glacier View Ranch. Photo: Courtesy of Colorado Parks and Wildlife

The bear eventually left and was hunted down by officials from Colorado Parks and Wildlife because of the danger it poses to humans.

On Monday morning, about 24 hours after the attack, officials captured the 280-pound male black bear on the Glacier View Ranch Property and euthanized the animal, according to ABC news reporter Amanda del Castillo.

The bear bit the victim's head twice, trooper Jonathan Higgs told the Denver Post. Dylan was taken to an area hospital, where he received nine staples in his head and was released. He was reported as doing fine.

Officials trapped the offending black bear, a 280-pound male, and put it down. Generic photo: Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

"Campers were not threatened or involved at any time," Glacier View Ranch director Dan Hansen said in a released statement, adding that “staff is trained for contact, interaction and incidents with wildlife including moose, wild cats and bears."

The camp is expected to continue through July 16.

From ABC Denver:

In the past week, Park and Wildlife officials have received more than 100 calls about bear sightings that qualify as conflict situations.

Joe Lewandowski, a spokesperson for Colorado Parks and Wildlife, says his crew hates to euthanize bears, but human safety comes first.

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