This baby polar bear playing in pool of ice is helping research climate change

Think about the one thing in this world that makes you the happiest. For this baby polar bear Nora, it’s a kiddie pool full of ice she can play in.

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Nora recently arrived at the Oregon Zoo from Ohio and they have certainly found her a fun activity to enjoy. Before you go making any judgements about animals in zoos, do know that the Oregon Zoo is working with Polar Bears International and the U.S Geological Survey on “research projects that will shed new light on the effects of climate change on polar bears in the wild.”

Most definitely, we can all get behind something valiant like that. Nora is front-and-center in all of that as they build a brand new polar bear habitat at the zoo, called Polar Passage, that is set to open in 2019.

As the Oregon Zoo says on its website, “The new polar bear habitat at the Oregon Zoo will provide visitors with a view into these research activities so that they learn along with the scientists and gain greater appreciation for the bears’ conservation status and their dwindling arctic habitat.”

Just look how happy Nora is with some ice.

Just look how happy Nora is with some ice.

Projects like this that serve a two-fold purpose to help the animals are ones we need to be undertaking more often. You can get more information on the Oregon Zoo Polar Passage project here, and even give them input on it.

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