Tiny dogs not intimidated by huge bear that appears in backyard; video

The town of Bradbury in California sits adjacent the Angeles National Forest so it isn't uncommon for bears to visit the neighborhood on occasion.

And when a bear makes a house call to the home of Christine Downs, even a huge bear, it is not uncommon for it to be greeted by two tiny dogs that are fearless, as you can see in Downs' video posted by Caters News:

As a huge bear looks into the backyard, Bentley and Tucker bark up a storm with Bentley jumping up and down below the bear.

"Tucker is a dedicated bear chaser at 13 years old," Downs told Caters News. "He and Bentley do not back down when they see a bear in the yard like this.

"We probably should be more afraid than we are, but we are just used to the bears now."

Downs said they tend to ignore the bears, no matter their size.

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"If the dogs got too close, they would definitely get a swipe," Downs said. "But so far the bears just get annoyed and run off."

This one appeared to get bored. It turned around and walked away. Something tells us even if there weren't a fence between the dogs and the bear, the dogs would still fearlessly yap at any intruding bears.

"We had a little French bulldog who attacked a cub in our yard and chased it up a tree," Downs recalled. "We were able to grab him and run into the house before momma showed up about 10 seconds later."

Now that could have ended badly.

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