Tree explodes with flying birds

Tree explodes with flying birds

Birds burst out of a tree. Photo is a screen grab from the video

Rene Bank of North Holland in the Netherlands pointed his video camera at a tree, possibly hoping (or perhaps knowing) something magical was about to happen, considering all the birds flying in and out of the tree.

Then, something magical does happen. The tree explodes with flying birds, believed to be European starlings. Bank took down his original video, but thankfully he reposted it on LiveLeak:

"Wow! Weee! Fantastic!" is Bank's reaction on the video in which hundreds of starlings vacate the tree simultaneously.

There are tons of videos online showing starling murmuration in which thousands of starlings dance in the sky in synchronized waves. But videos showing them all taking flight from a tree at the same time?

Wow! Weee! Fantastic!

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