Unique underwater footage shows inside of crab pot

crab pot

This underwater footage from inside a crab pot is not exactly "Deadliest Catch" material, but it does show unique behind-the-scenes activity on the floor of Birch Bay in Puget Sound, Washington.

John Vanderhage thought it would be cool to see crabs coming into the pot and feeding on the frozen fish encased in the bait cage—along with whatever else occurred during the one-hour soak—so he put an underwater camera in one corner and let the pot down 50 to 60 feet. The video, sped up in parts, immediately captures a good-sized crab clawing at the bait, followed by others. Take a look:

At the 2:55 mark, you might have noticed one crab going after a small ling cod, which hustles away to another part of the cage. The fish also can be seen scurrying out of the cab pot once it starts to be pulled up.

Once they got the pot into the boat, Vanderhage and friend Britton found only one legal crab. They kept that one for the pot on the stove and threw back seven others that weren’t legal.

"Crabbing was better before the commercials started recently," Vanderhage told GrindTV Outdoor. "We would limit out in an hour; now it takes a while."

Especially at one keeper per hour for a limit of five per person.