White moose captured in hi-res video called a ‘once in a lifetime’ encounter

Gerald Gale was driving in the small farming and forestry community of Black Duck Siding in Newfoundland in hopes of spotting a white moose known to inhabit the Canadian island.

Gale, a professional photographer who lives in nearby Stephenville, was just about ready to give up.

"Went right up past the bridge, turned around and said, 'trying to find a white moose is like trying to find an alien,'" he wrote on Facebook.

And then, on the way back home, he just happened to spot the white moose and proceeded to capture photos and high-resolution video of the unique-looking animal, as reported by CBC News:

Gale described the encounter as "once in a lifetime," saying he was "3 feet away and almost [within] touching distance at one point."

A commenter asked him how he got the video.

"Slowly made my way toward it!" he wrote. "Quite tame and I sat down low in the middle of the trail. So I didn't seem to be a threat to him! He walked on by my side!"

More from CBC News:

Gale’s experience isn’t the first time a mostly-white moose has been seen in that part of Newfoundland. Back in the summer of 2015, one was seen several times around the Stephenville and Port au Port region.

At the time, many people referred to the animal as an albino moose.

However, the province’s wildlife division has said it’s actually referred to as a piebald moose. Piebald, or pied, animals are those with a pattern of pigmented spots on a white background of hair, feathers or scales.