Young gorilla plays game of peekaboo with toddler

Young gorilla initiates a game of peekaboo with toddler. Photo: Screen grab

Young gorilla initiates a game of peekaboo with toddler.

A young gorilla in a glass enclosure at the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium in Ohio initiated a game of peekaboo with a toddler, leaving everyone amused and amazed.

"I can't believe he's doing that," one adult can be heard saying on the video shot by Sherry Cute of her 2-year-old son Isaiah playing with Kamoli, a 2-year-old gorilla.

The family wandered over to the Congo Expedition where the humorous encounter occurred, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

"He was just looking at the gorillas and we said to him, 'Isaiah, what do the gorillas do?' and he started pounding his chest," Chute told The Dispatch.

The action caught the attention of Kamoli, which stared at the boy before starting to play with him:

Kamoli stepped to the other side of an artificial tree that separated the glass, prompting Isaiah to race to the other side in a classic game of peekaboo. Back and forth they went much to the delight of observers, and obviously to Isaiah.

"It was a really fun interaction," Chute told The Dispatch. "Isaiah is just like that. Anyone who knows him knows that he's super playful.

"He was just so truly blissful in that moment, it melted mommy's heart."

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